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Merck Group

We are Merck the vibrant science and technology company.
We make a positive difference to millions of people’s lives every day. Our constant curiosity and specialist approach drive our partnerships and bring new ideas to life. We believe that scientific exploration and responsible entrepreneurship are key to technological advances that benefit us all. We empower the scientific community. Our tools, services and digital platform make research simpler, more exact, and help to deliver breakthroughs more quickly. Today the Indian consumer is more aware of food safety and considers it an important aspect of their purchase decision. We deliver food safety to food and beverage manufacturers, by providing our customers with high-quality products and solutions for reliable testing which are accurate, and compliant to changing regulations.
We can be your efficient partner in detecting contaminants and chemical residues. Our products can spot the nutritional value of food and beverage and identify inconsistencies in quality as well. Visit us to know more!

Bruker Corporation

Bruker is enabling scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and develop new applications that improve the quality of human life. Bruker’s high-performance scientific instruments and high-value analytical and diagnostic solutions enable scientists to explore life and materials at molecular, cellular, and microscopic levels. In close cooperation with our customers, Bruker is enabling innovation, improved productivity, and customer success in life science molecular research, in applied and pharma applications, microscopy and nanoanalysis, and industrial applications, as well as in cell biology, preclinical imaging, clinical phenomics, and proteomics research and clinical microbiology.

SCIEX in India

A state-of-the-art demo lab is housed at the Centre of Excellence in Gurgaon which also serves as the Corporate Office of Sciex operations in India. Also, it has Sales and Service associates spread across Gurgaon, Lucknow, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. For more information, you can visit, www.sciex.com


Phenomenex is a global technology leader committed to developing novel analytical chemistry solutions that solve the separation and purification challenges of researchers in industrial, government, and academic laboratories. From drug discovery and pharmaceutical development, food safety to environmental analysis, Phenomenex chromatography products, technical services and chemical reference standards accelerate science and help researchers improve global health and well-being.

Rockwell Automation

The Connected Enterprise | Our strategy is to bring The Connected Enterprise to life We integrate control and information across the enterprise to help industrial companies and their people be more productive. The Connected Enterprise links production lines, in-the field assets, utilities and enterprise IT to deliver contextualized information where it is needed. As a result, companies can make better decisions faster – and achieve a new level of operational intelligence to improve productivity and global competitiveness. Built on a secure, standard Ethernet infrastructure, Our broad, information-enabled portfolio includes the Integrated Architecture®, Intelligent Motor Control, and Solutions and Services.

Abbott informatics – STARLIMS

A Total Solution Partner – Abbott Informatics provides powerful data management software solutions to ensure quality and safety in your entire product lifecycle. In our 30+ years of business, we have helped organizations around the world increase cost savings decrease turnaround times, and fuel growth with our STARLIMS solutions.

  • STARLIMS Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)
  • Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Mobile



Founded in 1991, Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. is a dedicated nutraceutical company, offering innovative solutions for nutrition products around the world. Products from Hexagon Nutrition are currently sold in over 70 countries around the world.

Hexagon has three main segments:

  • Micronutrient premixes- Custom blends of vitamins and nutrients used in food products and programs around the world.
  • Clinical Nutrition- Products that support and enhance the life of healthcare patients and consumers.
  • Therapeutic Foods- Specialized products that provide basic nutritional needs for those facing severe cases of malnutrition

Neogen Food & Animal Security (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Neogen Corporation (Neogen), together with its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures, and markets a line of products dedicated to food safety.
The safety & quality of nutraceutical products / dietary supplements are vulnerable to numerous contaminants including bacterial pathogens, spoilage organisms, unlabelled food allergens & manufacturing facility residues.
Neogen product folio addresses these consumer safety & quality concerns by providing AOAC approved rapid testing solutions for 1. Micro-organisms | 2. Allergens | 3. Sanitation monitoring | 4. Natural toxins



For 80 years BUCHI is a leading solution provider in laboratory technology for R & D, quality control, and production worldwide. We serve a wide range of market segments such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food & beverage, feed, environmental analysis, and academia. Our solutions for laboratory, industrial and parallel evaporation, spray drying, melting point, preparative chromatography, extraction, distillation & digestion, dumas, and near-infrared spectroscopy meet the highest needs of our demanding customers around the globe.


BIOMERIEUX is a French Multinational with its head quarter based out of Marcy. bioMerieux is a Fourth Generation of Family dedicated to improving Public Health through a pioneering approach to in vitro diagnostics, across disciplines and without geographic boundaries, with a long-term view.
The Mission of bioMerieux is to improve patient care and consumer health protection through diagnostic solutions with high medical value.
OUR COMMITMENT is to help improve laboratory efficiency and promote the sustainability of healthcare systems by providing innovative diagnostic solutions to healthcare professionals and manufacturers.


METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments and services for use in laboratories and manufacturing.
We offer weighing, analytical and inspection solutions along our customers’ value chain to help them streamline processes, enhance productivity, reach compliance with regulatory requirements or optimize cost.
Our Analytical Balances, Titrators, pH meters, Density meters, Refractometers, UV Vis Spectrophotometers, Melting point apparatus, and pipettes can be tailored to each customer’s application and provide a fully documented workflow for every quality control lab.

ITC Analytical Services

Powered by 100+ years of agri-insights, ITC Analytical Services stands for excellence and reliability in food quality and safety assessment. Established in 2004 to assure quality for a range of internal ITC products, we now offer our world-class competencies to external partners as well. We combine years of deep product knowledge and regulatory expertise with forward-looking technology and process innovations.
At ITC Analytical Services, we see the larger picture, understanding the value of each transaction in building your business and brand. We recognize the high stakes of compromised quality and mitigate the risks for you, helping you get quality right the first time, every time!


We assist Indian Food and Dairy manufacturers to produce safer Food and Dairy products. We monitor Raw and Processed Milk, Cream, Whey, Ice Cream, Concentrated whey, Desserts, Cheese, Butter and Spreads, fermented and cultured products, Yoghurt, WPC/MPC, Dairy Powders, and Ice Cream mix. We screen Raw and Processed Milk, Animal Feed, Honey, Vegetables, Fruit, Seafood, and Meat. Our Food Safety Solutions include Antibiotics, Mycotoxins, Pesticides, Adulterants, Bacteria, and Somatic Cells in Milk.

Sysmex Corporation

Sysmex Corporation is a global leader in the design & development of high quality, reliable & innovative clinical diagnostic equipment in Hematology, Coagulation, Urinalysis, Clinical Chemistry & Flow Cytometry.
Sysmex India Pvt Ltd (established in 1998) is a subsidiary of Sysmex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. having their reagent factory at Baddi (Himachal Pradesh). Sysmex India Pvt Ltd ensures that our customers are provided with the longest possible shelf life with locally manufactured Sysmex reagents. With our corporate office in Mumbai, we have representatives in all major cities across India. Sysmex India Pvt Ltd sells & supports products of the following business units through direct operations: Coagulation, Urinalysis, Biochemistry, Flow Cytometry & DI-60 while continuing to support Hematology thru’ its distributor.


Agilent is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise, enabling customers to gain the insights they seek. Agilent’s expertise and trusted collaboration give them the highest confidence in our solutions.

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